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Five Shocking Moments and One Not So Much from Scandal “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” 

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

There were more than a few shocking moments during Scandal “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie.”


The WTF Moment: Olivia’s Mom is alive and in some sort of top-secret prison.

What the hell did she do to end up there? Of course, Rowan knows. He knows everything. He’s such a bad dude. And just thinking about the collateral damage from the plane crash is just sickening to me. What is Olivia going to do when she finds out? I need next week to happen sooner rather than later. And I knew if they hired Khandi Alexander as Olivia’s mom, we’d be seeing her in the present. Not just the flashbacks. So this development is exciting to me.


The “Creepy, I Didn’t Need to Know That” Moment: Fitz’s dad, Big Jer, raped Mellie 15 years ago when Fitz was weighing his options to run for Governor of California.

I knew the guy was an ass on just about every level. His justification is that he didn’t hit Fitz like his dad hit him. Sorry, Big Jer. You’re still an abusive you-know-what. And the entitlement this guy feels is ridiculous. What he did to Mellie was gross and shameful and I wish he had been able to pay for it. Instead, Mellie used it to get him to be nice Fitz and to be supportive to his son during the election. How’d that work out, Mellie? The guy recently died but he was as much of an ass as ever right before he kicked the bucket, if you ask me. And he’s probably the father of Fitz and Mellie’s first-born too, right? Does Fitz know about the rape? Oh, we are currently stopped at Dysfunction Junction, aren’t we?


The “I Knew It!” Moment: Quinn becomes a killer and is now owned by B613.

Ever since she tortured Billy Chambers, Quinn has been headed down a dark path. One even Huck doesn’t want to be a part of. And that’s why Charlie’s able to slip in and trap her. The second she killed the guy that drove the stairs — OPA’s one link to Omar Dresden — she became B613 property. That can’t mean anything good. Rowan’s going to use Quinn big time and I hope she doesn’t end up in the hole anytime soon. Have I mentioned how much I miss the Huckleberry Quinn friendship and mentor/mentee relationship yet? Huck created a monster. I hope he’ll be able to save her from this. I’m really afraid about what she’s going to have to do and what she’s going to have to go through from here on out.


The “Whoa, Did That Just Happen?” Moment: Fitz comes to Mellie’s defense during a national interview — and he seems to mean every word of it.


The Fitz/Mellie relationship is so freakin’ twisted. Watching this episode’s flashbacks, it’s clear they did love each other once upon a time. That was actually refreshing to see. She’s everything he needed until she wasn’t anymore. But even with their turbulent marriage, Fitz tried to do right by Mellie. He went above and beyond to get the on camera reporter/America to end their vilification of Mellie. Was she stupid to take their private lives and make it public? Yes. But Fitz is the one that had the affair. And he made sure to let America know he was the one that made the mistake. Not Mellie. Even with all her twisted ways, I appreciate the fact that he did that for her.


The “I Can’t Even…” Moment: In flashbacks, Cyrus has a full head of hair and a beard.

I shouldn’t be that shocked. But I am. I loved seeing Cyrus like that. And to witness one of his first ScRants (Scandal Rants) — I felt privileged.


And from the not a shock department: James gets fired from his on-air gig.

Josie Marcus owned him in their recent interview. He came off looking like an idiot. So it was not a shock that he didn’t get the key First Lady Comeback Private Tour Interview. And it certainly wasn’t a shock that he got an email giving him the ol’ heave ho from his job. But at least the vice-president’s husband is sharing some laughs with him, right? Who knew that Sally Langston’s husband was gay? I love that little development. So does Cyrus.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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