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Hell on Wheels Preview: “The Game” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: AMC/Chris Large
Photo Credit: AMC/Chris Large

Adam Beach! Adam Beach! Adam Beach! Oh, I’m sorry. Did you need another reason to watch Hell on Wheels tonight?

Aside from that particular Guest Star Goodness, it looks like things are going to get hairy for Bohannon and Elam, and very possibly Bohannon’s pony (if EW is to be trusted).

When we left off in episode three, the off-his-nut Bendix had pretty much ensured that the Native Americans are about to come calling–HARD–because he took Bohannon’s first SOS to heart and blatantly disregarded the second, slaughtering women and children and bringing their heads into camp.

Before that, Bohannon and Elam shot up their share of the really criminal folks (and I may have laughed and rewound when Bohannon hilariously yelled “Dammit, Elam,” when Elam finished off the last one who tried to run). So, this week it would seem the boys are going to be called upon to cash the check Bendix wrote when Beach appears as the chief of one of the tribes Bendix attacked. I hope, too, that we’ll revisit whatever it was Bohannon heard when he took the heads to the burial ground.

Also look for Eva to have to deal with Mr. Toole’s brother, who’s hanging around despite Eva telling him she’s not marrying him.

Here’s all we know from the AMC logline: After a railroad accident, Cullen and Elam forge deep into Indian territory to secure a new lumber source. Durant tells Louise a secret about Cullen.

Here’s a preview of “The Game,” which airs at 9/8c on AMC.

P.S. Earlier this week, Anson Mount took to Twitter to take fan Qs and answered 14 of them via video. Start here and scroll left.

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