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Dexter Takes on [SPOILER], Dexter “A Little Reflection” 

Photo Credit: Showtime
Photo Credit: Showtime

There were a lot of interesting developments in this episode. Batista had to “grow a set” and promote the most qualified candidate to Lieutenant, so the position goes to Miller not Quinn. Dexter tries to dip is toe back into the dating pool; the results aren’t great. It’s hard when you can’t tell a potential mate what you do in your spare time or what your hobbies really are. Masuka finds out his daughter’s in debt and offers her money. But he has to admit he’d had her investigated and she isn’t happy to hear that. And Deb finally realizes Elway likes her. But it’ll be difficult for her to get to know him any better considering her recent past. And then we have Dexter, listening to Dr. Vogel even though it looked like Zach Hamilton met his code. And he ends up on Dexter’s table.

But it was Zach’s story that persuaded Dexter not to kill him. He killed Norma Ravera because she was having an affair with his father and it’s killing his mother. His mother is slowly drinking herself to death to deal with her husband’s infidelities. He’s not even trying to hide them from her and Zach can’t stand what it’s doing to his mom. But Dexter knows it’s more than that. He’s seen Zach’s crime scene photos and he has proof that Zach killed Norma. But he’s never had a Harry, never had someone to talk to and teach him how to control his urges. So Dexter thinks it’s time to become his “spiritual father.” He tells Deb he’s taking on an intern, but he’s really taking on an apprentice. It’ll be interesting to see if Dr. Vogel and Dexter can teach Zach the code. I don’t know if any of them is ready for this. And I don’t think this is going to turn out well.

Bonus: Hannah’s back. I’m actually really excited about that. I wonder if Hannah wants revenge or something else. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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