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Renewals A Go-Go at CBS and CW 

Photo credit: Neil Jacobs/CBS


Ah, Nina (Tassler). Way to save face after the supreme goof of canning Moonlight in the spring of 08. Three Rivers was a bust, but she kept on, and thankfully Alex O’Loughlin is a savvy guy who stayed in the CBS fold, and the network found a fit, giving Hawaii Five-0 a full season order last week. A franchise based on successful legacy show, rejiggered with alumni from two (three if you count Jean Smart, and why wouldn’t you) very successful series, plus a by-the-numbers procedural format, was a sure bet. I’m so glad the ratings aligned, and for this cast. Anything that keeps Alex O’Loughlin (and his band of merry 5-0ers) on my TV through the spring is a good thing. Kudos, y’all. They’ve passed the first hurdle by getting a pick up for the back nine. Now they can find their rhythm and settle in for a CBS long haul (I hope).

P.S. Yay for Tom Selleck and Blue Bloods getting a full season, too—and bonus if it keeps him on CBS for the completely awesome Jesse Stone TV movie series. Seriously, go rent them if you haven’t seen them. Gold standard storytelling, y’all.

Over at the CW, Hellcats, the little show that got no love out of the gate because there was no pilot available to preview/for the media to talk up (aside from a negative read on the compiled presentation), got its back nine order last week, as well. I came to the show as a fan of Matt Barr (from Harper’s Island) and Robbie Jones (who had a heartbreaking stint on One Tree Hill as Quentin, and who I only found out was on this after I sat down to watch it) and because they were shooting it in Vancouver. I knew nothing about the lead gals aside from a kickass Gail O’Grady, who, like Jean Smart above, makes anything she does awesome by association, but it’s become my guilty pleasure show (after H50).

The CW also kicked in a back nine on Nikita (no surprise there) and One Tree Hill, which had been written off as flaming out when it was picked up for 13 episodes last spring, and now looks likely to fall in behind Smallville’s decision last year and perhaps come back one more year. That’s awesome for that cast, many of whom were complete newbies when the show launched as a timeslot replacement for Dawson’s Creek in the fall of 2003.

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