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Justified “The Promise” 

[Warning: spoilers ahead for the Justified series finale.] Were you surprised? I was surprised. I thought we’d lose Boyd or Ava, or both. I was fairly certain we wouldn’t lose Raylan because Elmore Leonard didn’t roll like that, but I was satisfied with where we ended up for everybody. I…

Finding Carter “Love the Way You Lie” 

I’m trying to play the devil’s advocate and think of a situation or circumstance in which Lori is justified in any of her behavior. Spoiler alert: I can’t. There are still things we don’t know – and I expect another secret or two to be revealed in an explosive way…

Justified Preview: “Trust” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Episode ten! Too soon! This week on Justified, in an episode hilariously called “Trust,” when there’s none to be found anywhere, there’s enough double-crossing, uncrossing, re-crossing, and on and on that you might need a diagram.