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Aftermath Series Premiere Preview 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Syfy continues its new scripted (yay!) series rollout this week with Aftermath, a post-apocalyptic family drama set in the Pacific Northwest that focuses on a couple and their three teenage children as they deal with some very strange goings on in the days that follow extreme weather incidents.


Revenge “Plea” 

Well the news came this week that this will be the last season of Revenge. The writing was on the wall but it’s still bittersweet news. Can Amanda be rescued? Will Nolan, David and Jack be her savior? Here are some things to think about:


Revenge “Burn” 

Revenge is either wrapping it all up or creating the next chapter. Will Amanda Clarke finally have her “normal” life that she has worked for? Personally, I really don’t think it’s possible for her to have a normal life. Will any of these characters ever be able to live a…


Revenge “Exposure” 

It’s starting to feel close to the end. Now that Emily has admitted that she is the real Amanda Clarke do we call her Amanda or Emily? It’s really confusing. Tonight’s episode definitely “exposed” a lot.  Here are some thoughts on what happened:


Revenge “Clarity” 

Last week Margaux lied and told Victoria that Emily pushed her in front of that taxi. This week, Victoria is probably going to try to get back at her sworn enemy, right? How will Emily deal with everything? With as much drama as possible, of course. Here’s what we know:…