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5 Moments We Loved from the Revenge Season Finale and 1 We Could Have Done Without 


Warning: Spoilers for the finale discussed. Don’t read if you haven’t watched

There you have it. Season 1 of ABC’s Revenge has come to an end. It pretty much signaled the end to the 2011 – 2012 Broadcast network TV season as well. From the very beginning, Revenge has been an exciting show to watch and while there have been several bumps in the road, it kept us glued to the TV every Wednesday night it aired. We’ll definitely be on board for Season 2.


There were some really shocking moments in the finale, although, I have to say that when I saw Victoria about to get on that plane, I wondered about her sanity. A plane crash is what started all of this business, right? They should have driven to D.C. Although, honestly, we know Victoria somehow, someway lived. We just don’t the particulars. And I can’t wait to find out. But if it helped bring an end to Lydia on this show, I’ll allow it. Is that cold of me to admit? And as for Charlotte, I really liked when she stooped to her mother’s level but the OD-ing, I don’t know. I guess I’ll have to reserve judgment. I get why she’s such a mess but I’m not invested enough in that character for me to be on pins and needles all summer long waiting to find out her fate.

5 Moments We Loved from the Revenge Season 1 Finale, “Reckoning”…

–Emily versus White-Haired Man Smackdown

As we learned, this whole David Clarke entrapment is much bigger than the Graysons. The evil white-haired man (played by the awesome James Morrison) is the key to that for sure. He seems to know all — and now he knows who Emily is. I loved how Emily gave herself up and ended up chained next to Nolan. What was even better was when she set it up for the bad guy to pick up the “evidence” then proceeded to get out of the handcuffs and free Nolan. What was left was a showdown with the white-haired man. He realized Emily had some serious skills and in the end, she got the better of him. But — she didn’t kill him. However, he knew that she could have. Go Badass Emily.

–The Daniel and Emily Break-up

For the longest time, I was torn regarding the triangle of Daniel, Emily and Jack. But then Daniel became True Blue Grayson and I got over wanting him and Emily to be together. I’m firmly on the side of Emily and Jack now, so when the break-up finally happened, I rejoiced. Daniel did change and he knows nothing about who Emily truly is. It never could have worked. Too bad things aren’t going to work out with Emily and Jack anytime soon, but more on that later.

–Victoria slapping Daniel

As much as I kind of worship Conrad Grayson (it has to do with loving Henry Czerny for sure), Daniel is backing the wrong guy. You go against Emily — or you go against your own mother — and you’re going to lose. Daniel and his mom share a somewhat volatile conversation. Daniel lets Victoria know he ended things with Emily. In turn, Victoria tells her son she’s glad he did the right thing with the evidence against Conrad she gave him. But he didn’t turn it in did he? And he let her know that. Things got heated as he begged her to stop this madness with testifying against Conrad. Victoria wouldn’t be swayed:

Victoria: “It’s time for the truth to finally come out.”
Daniel: “And what — to hell with the cost to the rest of us?”
Victoria: “Your father had David Clarke murdered!”
Daniel: “Well, he must have had a damn good reason.”

Daniel deserved that slap right across his face. Ever since he allied himself with his dad he had it coming. I don’t really ever like to side with Victoria because her motives are always so warped and I never know exactly her true feelings on any matter, but when she slapped her son, it was one of my favorite moments of the episode.

–Emily thanks Nolan

Nolan pops a cork on a bottle of champagne so the two can celebrate what went down. Emily mentions how she didn’t do it all alone and thanks him. These two have come a long way since the beginning of the season. I’m glad she realized she couldn’t do all that revenging without someone to help. And I’m beyond happy she let him in — these two have to be my favorite relationship on this show. They will probably always argue — I like that Nolan likes to call Emily on her crap — but they have each other’s backs now. It’s going to be great to see their bond deepen even further in Season 2. So glad Emily gave Nolan the respect he deserves.

–A bigger mystery revealed

Nolan proved why he’s such an invaluable member of The Revengers. Since that scene where Emily thanked Nolan, her life quickly took a turn for the worse. She didn’t have Jack; when she opened up that engagement present Victoria gave her it was empty; and she believed all the evidence that was set to clear her father’s name went down in that plane crash. But Nolan saved her bacon once again. He happened to unencrypt and back up the mysterious hard drive that was in the evidence bag. On it was a video featuring Victoria, Conrad and the white-haired man.

Nolan: “After the Graysons framed your father, Americon Initiative handled the cover-up. This goes so far past the Graysons and so far past what they did to your father.”

In the video, Victoria mentions something about knowing David’s deepest secret and it has something do with the woman he was with before they met.

Emily: “What is she saying? That they killed my mother too?”
Nolan: “No. What she’s saying is that, uh…your mother’s alive.”
Emily: “Let it play.”

I loved the ending. The Revengers now know the name of the company that’s pulling all the strings and Emily’s mom is alive. Is she part of this whole conspiracy or is she just another victim? And who’s going to play Emily’s mother? I hope they get someone well known to play her. Towards the end of the episode there, it seemed like Emily was about to get everything she wanted. But that wasn’t meant to be. Now Emily has a new mystery to unravel and an even bigger enemy to go after — and she still has the Graysons to take care of. Well done, Revenge.

…And 1 Moment We Could Have Done Without


–Fauxmanda’s return

We should have known it wasn’t going to happen this soon into the series. But it was encouraging that Jack and Emily had already kissed in the penultimate episode. In the finale, Emily had taken care of business. Revenge was near. It was on a plane to Washington and soon everyone would know her dad was innocent of everything. Everything she worked hard for was coming to fruition. It was time for Emily to take care of herself. She had already broken up with Daniel. She was going to come clean to Jack about everything. She called him up and said she was going to bring Sammy’s collar to the bar and they were going to talk. And when Emily showed up, Fauxmanda came walking through the door — still pretending she was Amanda Clarke. She looked like she was about ten months preggers. Boo, Revenge. Hiss. Hiss. Boo. Here’s the thing. Having Fauxmanda was great for a while. But she overstayed her welcome. It was clear she was going to have to come back at some time but I was hoping it was going to be much, much later. Having her come back in the finale all pregnant is not making me happy. I choose to think Jack and Emily are end game so this is just a minor bump in the road, right?

Season 2 of Revenge returns in the fall when it moves to Sundays and takes the spot vacated by those Desperate Housewives.

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  1. Taylor

    Could’ve done without Daniel and Emily’s breakup. I know he’s changed and I’m not happy about that. But he changed because of things she set into motion, he went to prison because of her and the games she was playing. She said she didn’t want to hurt Daniel but that was all she did. I’m glad Fauxmanda came back, Emily couldn’t stop with all her revenging now, she’s no where near to being done.

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