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Two Takes: Outlander “Lallybroch” 

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

Last week’s Outlander delivered in every sense of the word. It was intense and scary and beautiful as the witch trial gave way to Claire choosing Jamie over Frank and telling him the truth about who she really is and where she came from. This week, the hottest husband and wife on TV travel to Jamie’s home — Lallybroch — where he instantly takes on Laird duties and interacts with his sister and brother-in-law. Even though “Lallybroch” is a bit tamer and less action-packed than “The Devil’s Mark,” there are still plenty of big (and brutal) moments.

Tina: Kara, I’m totally in love with this show. Have I mentioned that yet? The producers, writers and actors are executing so many of the plot points from the book perfectly.

I forgot how much tension there was between Jamie and his sister, Jenny. There’s even an adjustment period between Jenny and Claire. It’s fascinating how all of that gets worked out as the hour moves along. Something I did remember: all Frasers are stubborn — incredibly and utterly stubborn!

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

Kara: And willful and convinced the only opinion that matters is their own. Claire manages to insert herself into this fierce brother/sister battle for dominance and gets batted down again and again. She gets a lecture from Jamie about how a lady is supposed to treat her laird in public. Claire also gets quite a bit of hostility from Jenny. Not only does Jenny not appreciate Claire interrupting an argument with her brother — even though Claire was coming to her defense — but she’s convinced Claire knows nothing about what goes into running an estate.

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

Tina: And there to witness all of this madness is Jenny’s husband, Ian, whose leg was partially amputated after being injured in battle. It’s clear that Jamie’s known Ian for a while but I’m not sure it was completely made clear that the two are BFFs from way back. Did you get that sense or did you just know it from the book?

Kara: I got the sense that Jamie and Ian were old friends, but I completely forgot about how close they are in the book. But can we talk about how tense that scene with Jamie and Jenny is until Ian shows up?

The fact that Jamie thinks his little namesake is Black Jack’s bastard and that Jenny has named him Jamie as punishment? That’s some dark sh*t.

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Ent.
Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Ent.

Tina: Right? Jamie demands his sister tell him the entire story. After Black Jack renders Jamie unconscious, he leads Jenny away and things get rough. But after he throws her on the bed, he tries to get…hmm…how do I say this with some sort of class? Oh, forget about it. I can’t. He couldn’t get it up. And she starts laughing. And laughing…and laughing. Jenny’s badass.

Kara: A total badass. I can’t tell you how shocked I was to see an erect(ish) penis on this show, though. We’re so comfortable with female nudity, but it’s surprising to see male frontal nudity. But the most interesting part of that scene is that Jenny knows her laughter is making Black Jack angry and she uses that anger against him…successfully.

Tina: Okay, is it wrong that when you talk about male frontal nudity, I immediately hit FF in my mind and think about Jamie coming out of the water after he successfully eludes the Redcoats by the wheel? Yes? MMMkay. Back to something way more serious about our favorite Fraser. Once again, we see Black Jack flog him. And once again, I have to close my eyes. That. Was. Brutal.

Kara: I did not enjoy revisiting that horrendous memory, especially now that we know Jamie’s father was present and that he died while Jamie was unconscious. The way Jamie talks about his father lets us know just how much he respected and loved him. And he never got to say a proper goodbye. One more reason to hate Black Jack.

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

Tina: As if we needed another. Since you mentioned Jamie’s dad, now that Jamie’s back at Lallybroch, he’s the laird…Laird Broch Turach. At first he tries too hard to live up to his dad’s legacy. And that causes even more trouble between brother and sister. It’s up to Claire to give Jamie a wake-up call. And boy does she. They do that for each other. That’s why they’re perfect together.

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Ent.
Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Ent.

Kara: One thing I think Jamie will always be able to count on Claire for is her brutal honesty. She’s never afraid to tell him what she thinks. But I think he also knows that he can tell her anything. So when he tells her why he decided to take that second lashing when he could’ve gotten out of it, I think that’s a huge step in their relationship. And even the way Randall asks for what he wants — he tells Jamie to “give over to me. Make free of your body.” I’ve read the book, so I knew it was coming. But all of Frank’s research didn’t turn up that bit of information about his ancestor and we can see how shocked Claire is.

Tina: The pleasure Black Jack takes in causing pain — even the simple pressing on one of the wounds on Jamie’s back — it’s tough to watch. But now we know what the Englishman really wants. There’s a reason he has difficulty with Jenny. And there’s a reason why Black Jack takes extra care in causing Jamie a tremendous amount of pain during that second flogging. Later in “Lallybroch,” Jenny finally gets the chance to look at the scars on her brother’s back. It’s as tough for her to see as it is for us. And like that, so many of the siblings’ troubles come to the surface. Jamie blames himself for his dad’s death. Jenny blames herself. But they’re able to work their s–t out. It’s a great scene. I have to say I love Jenny in this episode and Laura Donnelly’s an excellent choice to play her.

Kara: Couldn’t agree more. The siblings are finally on the same page and it’s so nice to see Claire really starting to feel like she belongs in this time. It’s even nicer when Jamie tells Claire he loves her and she says it back. But, Jamie’s still got a price on his head. He’s safe at Lallybroch, for now. None of their tenants would betray their laird by summoning the Redcoats. So, who are those men holding Jamie at gunpoint when Claire emerges from their room that morning? And what do they want?

Outlander airs Saturdays at 9/8c on Starz.

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    Outlander is so good. Love reading any or everything about Outlander! Live the great director and cast.

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