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Guest Star Goodness

Chasing Life “Clear Minds, Full Lives, Can’t Eat!” 

Photo Credit: ABC FAMILY/Tony Rivetti
Photo Credit: ABC FAMILY/Tony Rivetti

This family is really good at not only lying to themselves, but also lying to each other. April continues to keep her cancer a secret from Dominic. Sara, worried that April will delay the start of chemo, chooses not to tell her daughter that her treatment may leave her infertile. Brenna isn’t ready to call Kieran her boyfriend, which is probably good since he doesn’t usually do labels. Greer is the only person who’s actually found the right words to help Brenna deal with April’s diagnosis. And April allows herself to live a little by going for a joy ride with Leo. It’s later on at the hospital that he tells her he’s terminal and only has three or four months to live.

I kind of like that Leo kissed April. I think it’s good to shock her out of her comfort zone because she’s been making some seriously questionable decisions lately. She is so focused on getting ahead at work, that her home and personal lives (and, of yeah, her health) are suffering. Of course April’s trying to make a name for herself as a journalist. She might only have a short time to establish herself and leave her mark in this world. But she also needs to spend time with the people she loves. Yes, AML has a 75% remission rate, but we don’t know what April’s chances are. We have an idea, but that’s probability, not reality.

I do feel like Sara is acting appropriately in some ways and inappropriately in others. But as her daughter keeps reminding her: April is an adult. I think Sara needs to talk to April about making all of these change before they happen. April already feels so out of control – her body is betraying her – and having her mom make important choices for her without even consulting her can’t be a good feeling. And I absolutely can’t agree with Sara’s decision not to tell April about her risk of infertility. I don’t think April should delay the start of her treatment either, but if she needs to see a fertility specialist to feel more in control of her life, then Sara needs to let her.

The (potential) Brenna/Kieran/Greer triangle is really starting to heat up. I like that Brenna decides to show up to Greer’s party in blue, just as the hostess requested. I also like that she’s not about to partake in Ford’s shenanigans. After Greer and Brenna sit and talk for a bit, it’s clear to see just how much Greer gets Brenna. And it seems like Greer is about to make some kind of declaration or confession. But, of course, Kieran shows up. Brenna’s surprised to see him and although hesitant at first, doesn’t seem to feel too bad about making out on Greer’s bed. I’m glad Greer found them and kicked them out. I agree that Brenna doesn’t need to define herself or who she is to Greer and Kieran right now, but she needs to examine her feelings and decide who’s right for her – and it may be neither or them – before she really hurts one or both of them.

Moment of Heartbreak: We see what losing Leo is doing to Bruce Hendrie

Although Leo has made it seem like his cancer is just a healthcare issue in his father’s political campaign, we get a brief (and heartbreaking) look at how Bruce really feels about the prospect of losing his only child. Leo’s parents thank April for bringing Leo to the hospital after his seizure and it’s then that Bruce’s facade cracks. We see just how affected he is by his son’s illness. I totally cried. Of course, when Leo goes missing, April knows exactly where to look. He’s on the roof, seemingly contemplating ending it all now. He’s only got a few more months left anyway, right? So he jumps off the ledge — onto another part of the roof. Even though April’s upset by his actions – it really did look like he was jumping to his death – he urges her to stop letting other people dictate her life. And even though I’m not a huge fan of Leo a lot of the time, some of what he says does makes sense. I think he might be good for her. But if she wants to explore whatever this thing between them is, she kinda needs to get on that. Have I mentioned he’s only got a few months to live?

Chasing Life airs Tuesdays and 9/8c on ABC Family.

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