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Haven’s Emily Rose and Colin Ferguson Talk Season Four, Part 1 [INTERVIEW] 

Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins
Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins

While the folks in Haven have been dealing with their Trouble overload, our Audrey has been regenerated in a separate storyline as “Lexie,” where she’s currently being visited by the mysterious William, who really wants her to remember that she’s Audrey. And that’s about all we know about them two episodes into season four. We had the chance to join a press call with Emily Rose and Colin Ferguson earlier this week, and in part one of our interview, the two real-life friends talked about the joy of finally working together and creating mysterious new characters.

Ferguson was drawn to the role of William in large part because of his offscreen friendship with most of the Haven cast. He’d previously worked with Lucas Bryant in Playing House several years ago, and he and Rose have been thrown together in previous Syfy press events when he was promoting Eureka.

“[Lucas] is a phenomenally nice guy, sort of through and through. But I think that can…be said of most of the people up here [in Halifax]. It’s one of the reasons that I really wanted to do [the show]. I’ve been familiar with these guys and been hanging out with them since their season premiere way back in the beginning…not knowing I would ever have a part in it,” he says.

“I’ve been at the premiere and the finale airings of every one that they’d done over at Shawn [Piller]’s house in Los Angeles. So being able to step into a group of people who [you know and who are your friends] was sort of a big thing for me coming out of a show (Eureka) where I had a family.”

Together, Ferguson and Rose have had a ball. “I’m really pleased with casting, stunning casting. Colin and I started hanging out at these Syfy [media events] and had a friendship develop [and we’d bounce around how fun it would be to have him] on Haven… that it’d be so cool if we got to do something together. And so now…we had this opportunity to do…some really fun work. There’s some great scene work,” says Rose. “I really like those early bar scenes in episodes one through four because it’s so early on in the journey and they’re both sort of kind of naïve, or at least you hope they are, to really what’s happening. So those are always fun to play.”

Since it was the first time they’d worked together, they had to sort out their process. “[We’ve] had a running joke where I would sort of go in before I’m about to do something and I would go, ‘so in this take, I’m going to do this and this and this,’” says Ferguson. “And Emily would [say] ‘you don’t have to tell me ahead of time. I am listening.’”

Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins
Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins

Ferguson loves the role. “[They’ve] given me so much to play…When you come in to…a show the way that [I’ve] been brought in, the fear is that you’re going to be the plot hammer. You’re just going to come in and, ‘blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,’ and everybody else [reacts]. But they’ve actually written this great role that has so much subtext because you’re not really sure what he’s doing from time to time, and that was a huge gift for me,” he says.

Rose enjoys getting to mix it up with Lexie. “Audrey is such a fun character to play in general because she gets to be all these different people. I feel like one of the fun things for me to play with [Lexie] was all of the external things that she was–her hair, her rings, her nose ring, the dark sort of edgier kind of point of view, and just the humor,” she says. “[Audrey] is so serious all the time because she has to be. And so playing Lexie was like a breath of fresh air because she didn’t take anything seriously…She’s mainly there razzing everybody and…just kind of a party girl.”

Coming off of her maternity leave and playing catch up with the shoot required Rose to really pay attention to which character she was playing. “I constantly was kind of talking with Colin [and asking for additional takes because a scene would] feel a little more Audrey than it was Lexie. I need[ed] to make sure that this character is coming through. [That’s] always your fear…that maybe one will bleed into the other,” she says.

“But in my case, it’s okay if they do kind of bleed into each other [but] you want to make a clear distinction. [The] externals, the things like my costume and what I’m wearing, really help me get [shift] from one person to the next…I fought for that little nose ring so hard. I had played actually a character that was kind of similar to Lexie [before] and I was a little bummed that I never got to play her for longer. So when I saw Lexie and we were kind of dreaming up who she was, I [wanted] a nose ring…something delicate and dainty [that was very her] and very specifically Lexie. [I] was so excited to have this little tiny thing because very rarely does a little…blonde like me get to kind of jump in to [this kind of] character…I was really, really excited to get a nose ring.”

Rose feels particularly proud that when the first photos were sent out of her testing the look, people didn’t believe it was her. “[Everybody] was like, that’s great. We would just like to see…Emily wearing all that stuff now,” she says. “[They] couldn’t believe that I’d transformed into character.”

We’re buying it!

Haven is all new tonight with “Bad Blood.” We’ll have part two of our interview next week!

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