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Magic In Mistletoe

Lyndie Greenwood Previews Magic in Mistletoe 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Friday night on Hallmark Channel, Paul Campbell is back for Christmas in Magic in Mistletoe as Harrington Davis, a delightfully crusty, wildly successful, reclusive children’s book author who very nearly tanks the release of the final installment in his Harry Potter-level series with an ill-advised social…

Document Life

Filmmakers Amanda Mustard and Rachel Beth Anderson Preview “Great Photo, Lovely Life: Facing a Family’s Secrets” 

Trigger warnings: sexual abuse, sexual assault Renowned photojournalist Amanda Mustard knew it was time to confront a dark family secret and disrupt a cycle of intergenerational trauma for both herself and others. Told through interviews, photos and old family movies, Great Photo, Lovely Life delves into the details of multiple…

Holiday Road

Previewing Holiday Road 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Last year, during one of the many holiday season air travel boondoggles, a feel-good story emerged of stranded strangers who took a leap of faith in their fellow (wo)man and pooled together to share a car ride across the country to save their Christmas. At the…