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Previewing AMC’s NOS4A2 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Something wicked this way comes Sunday night when NOS4A2 arrives on AMC in the lead-out spot from Fear the Walking Dead‘s fifth season premiere. Based on the 720-page novel of the same name by Joe Hill, the series is a multi-thread affair that follows a teen…


Girls Preview: “Daddy Issues” 

Warning: Girls spoilers Hannah’s dramatic. Her dad is gay. Desi and Marnie are engaged. Ray still holds a torch for Marnie. And Shosh thinks she’s lame sauce. The characters on HBO’s Girls are being challenged. And as the fourth season winds down that’s not going to change. Tonight’s penultimate episode finds Hannah getting…


Girls Preview: “Ask Me My Name” 

WARNING: Girls spoilers In last week’s episode, Hannah decided she wants to be a teacher. Is this because she’s afraid to continue to pursue her writing after the debacle of grad school? Or is it because she genuinely wants to impart her knowledge on the young? This question is dealt with…