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Deja View: Jon Hamm 

When you say the name Jon Hamm – an image of a handsome actor from the award-winning AMC series Mad Men comes to mind or the hunky boyfriend of Liz Lemon on 30 Rock or the dashing leading man in The Town.

Premature Infatuation: Alcatraz 

UPDATED: This pilot has now been ordered to series. Yay! So now I have a few months before my premature infatuation might become a plain old infatuation. If you’re anything like us, you pay a lot of attention during pilot season. I like to track which of my favorite actors…

Making a case for Life Unexpected 

I will admit to not loving this year’s season premiere. I feel like a traitor but there it is. However, I have loved every other episode so far this season. I like that Baze is finally growing up and taking some responsibility. I like that Cate is kind of making…