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Suits Preview: “Hitting Home” 

“I’m ready to talk about my mother.” Seven words I’ve been waiting to hear from Harvey Specter. Last week, Harvey entered a new phase of his therapy. It’s been a slow road as his therapist tried to help him deconstruct the damage that he’s been living with for so long. He’s…


Two Takes: Graceland “Sidewinder” 

Carlito Solano is finally behind bars. But there are still more bad guys the Graceland roommates need to apprehend. In “Sidewinder,” three cases are dealt with: the Armenian posse that includes Martun Sarkissian, Ari Adamian and Martun’s very handsome right hand guy, Toros. Then there’s Charlie’s undercover oxy operation that…


Suits Preview: “Toe to Toe” 

Before previewing “Toe to Toe,” I must discuss last week’s episode: Donna: What can I do for you, Harvey? Harvey: I wanted to thank you. Donna: For what? Harvey: For 12 years. Harvey walks away to the lyrics of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” as covered by Tyler Ward, Kina Grannis and…