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Two Takes: Outlander “Je Suis Prest” 

The title of the latest Outlander is “Je Suis Prest,” which in (old) French means, “I am ready.” Well, we wouldn’t quite call Clan Fraser ready. Not yet, anyway. Jamie knows he’s facing an uphill battle. Claire’s told him the history of what happens in the Jacobite rebellion. Despite those…


Two Takes: Outlander “La Dame Blanche” 

Some key words essential to the latest Outlander: Baby Names. Chess. Cascara. Cuckoo Clock. Sheep’s Knuckles. Blade of Grass. Mystical Necklace. Soixante-neuf. La Dame Blanche. The episode features a breakthrough in Jamie and Claire’s relationship which leads to an intimate connection, a major revelation involving Charles and Louise, a dinner…