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Black Sails Preview: “XXXII” 

Overthrowing a seated government is no easy feat. The task is all the more difficult in a place like New Providence Island where small factions, banded together through shoddy alliances, now have a taste of freedom. Flint, Silver, and Madi are still trying to sort out where it all went…


Black Sails Preview: “XXV” 

Time heals all wounds, right? According to Black Sails episode “XXV,” nothing could be farther from the truth. There is no forgiveness, no redemption, no mercy to be found, either by Flint’s hand or by England’s or Spain’s. “XXV” gets into some visceral storytelling and believe me, you’ll be begging…


Black Sails Preview: “XXII” 

If you thought Black Sails was heavy on the emotions with “XXI,” you’re in for a shock. Bear with me as I do my best to keep the spoilers at bay while previewing episode XXII. (However, there may be a few minor spoilers below!) Woodes Rodgers and Eleanor make quite…