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The Strain Preview: “The Silver Angel” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead] This week on The Strain, Gus (Miguel Gomez) gets a showcase episode of sorts as he tries to find his way following the cluster of the failed assault at Palmer’s penthouse. While he’s wandering the city, he makes a new friend (Parveen Kaur) and discovers a…

The Strain Preview: “Fort Defiance” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] In tonight’s new episode of the The Strain, we find out exactly how serious Justine is about defending Staten Island. And we visit everybody’s individual plots–I love how this show can follow so many concurrent threads without losing you.

The Strain “By Any Means” 

One of the things I most enjoyed about the first season of The Strain is that we spent a considerable amount of time on Setrakian’s backstory, and two episodes into the second season, that throughline is still very much intact. In “By Any Means,” we get a look at the…