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Christmas Sail

Previewing Christmas Sail 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Katee Sackhoff and Terry O’Quinn headlining a holiday Christmas movie probably wasn’t on your bingo card, but here we are. Sunday (yes, Halloween) night, the duo play a daughter/father pair who have to repair some old wounds over the holidays. Note that it’s Hallmark Channel and…


Hulu’s Castle Rock: Buckle Up, This Ain’t No Storybrooke 

Stephen King’s literature-to-screen conversion rate is one of the highest, rivaling the Bible itself. His influence on popular culture cannot begin to be measured whether it’s in his figures of terror like It‘s Pennywise or Carrie (both adapted for film and tv multiple times); iconic nightmare scenarios like Paul Sheldon’s captivity in Misery (viewable on film or…

Premature Infatuation: Hallelujah 

Here at TV Goodness, we’re looking ahead to upcoming shows and the pilots that want to be shows, and this week, we’re profiling the ones that have afflicted us with Premature Infatuation. For some, it’s the pedigree, for others, it’s the plot, and for the rest, it’s “thank GOD they…