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The Night Of “The Art of War” 

I don’t know what it says about me, but a tiny piece of me has been concerned that Naz has been lying to us. To imagine that Naz, who is just so affable, naive, and upstanding, could have been an unreliable narrator has been my biggest fear. It’s felt too…


The Night Of “A Dark Crate” 

The Night Of has been marketed as a slow-burn type of show, but it hasn’t felt that way until its most recent episode, “A Dark Crate.” Everything on this show is deliberate, from the cold grey opening scene that is only interrupted by a bright red door, to the extra…


The Night Of “Subtle Beast” 

“He’s a talented oppressor; a subtle beast.” Referring to Detective Box, attorney John Stone imparts this piece of knowledge to Naz early on into the second episode of The Night Of. That’s what most of John and Naz’s interactions are comprised of — John trying to explain the ways of…