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Vicious Series Finale Preview 

WARNING: Vicious spoilers Another British series comes to an end in way too soon a fashion. We weren’t ready for Downton Abbey to be over. And we’re certainly not ready for this. After two seasons, Vicious returns tonight with its final hurrah — a one-hour series finale.


Vicious Preview: “Stag Do” 

Last week’s Vicious was heartbreaking for Ash and momentous for Freddie and Stuart. In front of the whole ballroom dance class, Ash popped the question to his girlfriend only to get denied and rejected. Leave it to Freddie to go against type and lift everybody’s spirits up. He seized the…


Vicious Preview: “Ballroom” 

WARNING: Vicious Spoilers Sunday night is the halfway point for the second season of the British sitcom, Vicious. The show stars Sirs Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi as Freddie and Stuart, longtime lovers who act like they’re sick of each other on the surface. When you dig deep, it’s an entirely different…