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Revenge “Bait” 

Revenge is finally back. The last time we saw Ben and Emily — they were about about to get busy. Jack saw them making out which made him sad. A new resident of The Hamptons showed up (Gina Torres‘ Natalie). Louise and Nolan got married and Margaux was on the warpath.


Revenge “Madness” 

The preview for this week’s episode kept saying, “She doesn’t see it coming.”  Well Emily didn’t but we will get to that. The aftermath of Daniel’s death is still having a ripple effect in the Hamptons and now Malcolm Black is causing some serious havoc.  Here are some thoughts on what…

TV Goodness Preview: Bomb Girls 

  Before your fall TV schedule gets crazy busy, this Tuesday night, Reelz Channel is unspooling Bomb Girls, a series that ran earlier this year in Canada to much acclaim. Set in World War II Canada, the show follows the professional and personal trials of a handful of ladies pulled into…