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Looking Preview: “Looking Top to Bottom” 

WARNING: Looking Spoilers Agustín’s self-destructive ways put him in a very bad place in last week’s episode of HBO’s Looking. Dom’s open relationship with Lynn meant having to answer questions about whether he slept with someone when he went to Russian River with the boys. Thanks to Agustín, Patrick and Richie reconnected….

Psych “This Episode Sucks” Preview (VIDEO) 

PSYCH PREVIEW: You won’t want to miss tonight’s fang-tastic Psych especially if you’re into vampires or vampire humor. Reasons to tune into “This Episode Sucks” (Warning Slight spoilers ahead): This episode clearly does not suck. It’s ridiculously hilarious. Shawn and Gus take the opportunity to go vampire hunter on us….

Get With the Program: Men of a Certain Age, Season One 

We’re not sure why we never gave this show a chance. Perhaps we’re the wrong demo, perhaps we missed the promos. We watch TNT and enjoy quite a few of the shows (namely the Supernatural repeats, Rizzoli and Isles, The Closer, and Leverage) so we’re not sure why we didn’t think this show was for us. It could be that…