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The Last Ship “Trials” 

There’s a cure! Of all the things that happen on this episode— Cossetti’s funeral, the vaccine trial, news of a pregnancy— the moment when Dr. Scott tells Captain Chandler the good news is by far the most significant. After a pretty intense few days, Dr. Scott is taking a few…

The Last Ship Preview: “Trials” [VIDEO] 

Warning: Spoilers Ahead There are only two episodes left of The Last Ship this season. By the end of last week’s episode, things were looking up. Dr. Scott found the vaccine, the Russians were dealt with (for now, anyway) and Tophet’s family was rescued. But there’s trouble ahead as Dr. Scott tests…

Comic-Con 2014: TNT’s The Last Ship [VIDEO and PHOTOS] 

Warning: Spoilers Ahead Pssst. Here’s a secret, when it was first announced that TNT was picking up the apocalypse drama The Last Ship, I wasn’t exactly boiling over with excitement. There were already several end-of-the-world and outbreak series on television and I didn’t really see how this one would offer anything different….