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Humans “Episode 2” 

What the what? I think we all assumed Leo was human because we’ve seen him bleed and we’ve never seen him recharge. But when he’s unresponsive and Max fashions a way to “charge” Leo and he responds, we know that Leo is something we haven’t seen before. Is he a…


Humans “Episode 1” 

In an alternate human timeline, there are androids called Syths who have taken over all of the blue-collar jobs – jobs humans no longer want to do. In essence, they’re the new slave labor. There are hundreds of millions of them and according to one Synth expert, they can’t harm humans….


Humans Series Premiere Preview 

WARNING: Humans spoilers Starting tonight, AMC introduces viewers to Humans — a creepy good new series. It explores a new reality where Synths are a part of everyday life. These androids look human…but they’re so much more. And that might not be a good thing.