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Black Sails S4E9 Long John Silver

Black Sails Preview: “XXXVII” 

Black Sails “XXXVII” takes an almost nostalgic look back at how Flint and Silver became the pair they are at present. Touching moments of quiet, honest introspection provide reminders about how far each has come and why they’ve been able to command the loyalty they’ve earned. However, these deeply insightful…


Black Sails Preview: “XXXV” 

Governor Rogers wanted Nassau razed to the ground, and he got his wish and then some. Having lost Eleanor, he’s in a deep downward spiral that even Mrs. Hudson may not be able to pull him from. The Spanish are gone, his forces have regained control, and he’s already begun…

Black Sails Season 4 2017

Black Sails Preview: “XXX” 

After last week’s Black Sails season opener and the ill-fated attack on Nassau, both the pirates and the remaining redcoats are left worse for the wear. Fractured and far fewer, the pirates are forced to regroup and come up with a new plan to save their now captured brethren from the…


Preacher Preview: “Monster Swamp” 

Preacher pulls back in their fourth episode as things finally slow down to allow time for more character development. We get to meet some of the girls from Toadvine Whorehouse, learn that Quincannon is even weirder than we first thought, and get some glimpses into Jesse’s childhood. From the pilot,…