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Casting Countdown: Week of July 10th 

TV Shows must be going back into production because we’re finally starting to hear about some key casting moves and decisions. One of them even stunned me speechless. Let’s count down six of the biggest casting announcements of the week, keeping in mind the shock and awe factor.

Parks and Rec “Operation Ann” 

Even though it was Groundhog’s Day, the folks at NBC’s Parks and Recreation unloaded a Valentine’s Day episode on us. Actually, it was more of a Valentine’s Day and GALentine’s Day combo. As you may recall, on February 13, Leslie likes to celebrate her girlfriends and give them gifts. She’s…

Parks and Rec “Bowling For Votes” 

We all know how Leslie gets when she fixates on something. So instead of having a fun night at the bowling alley and getting to know some of her future constituents (hopefully), Leslie spends the entire night trying to get some jerk to like her. Meanwhile, Chris, Jerry, Donna, Andy,…