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Once Upon a Time “Mother” 

Regina finally comes in to her own this week as we see her face off against both her mother and her sister while (mostly) keeping her cool. Her relationship with her mother has always been difficult, not surprising considering that Cora locked her heart away before Regina was even born….

Once Upon a Time “Lily” 

As always, this episode leaves us with more questions than answers. Much of the hour was spent setting the scene for next week, so we can hope that answers are on the horizon. There were some significant flaws this week, with luck they will be explained or corrected very soon….

Once Upon a Time “Sympathy for De Vil” 

Young Cruella, unlike almost every other storybook character we’ve met, was not born innocent. Every other villain had some traumatic event that put them on the path towards evil. Cruella appears to be Evil itself. Her own mother confesses that she was off from a very young age, and that…