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Once Upon a Time “Nimue” 

What we learned this week: 1) The Apprentice is over 200 years old. 2) Men can get stupid around a beautiful woman. Yes, I’m looking at YOU Merlin. 3) Arthur must have had an amazing public relations manager and/or autobiographer because he is nothing like the man of legend.

Merlin “The Diamond of the Day Part 1” 

  Morgana has long carried two obsessions: killing Arthur and discovering the identity of Emerys.   She has long hated Arthur and feels that he stole the throne from her.  For Emerys, she has a particular fear and hatred because a prophesy states that Emerys will be her undoing.  Morgana’s…

Merlin “The Kindness of Strangers” 

There are only a few episodes remaining until we say goodbye to Merlin.  Unfortunately, this means that I have high expectations for the characters. Five years is a big investment in a show, and fans deserve a big payout.  So far, these final episodes are not doing enough to reward…