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Once Upon a Time “Nimue” 

What we learned this week: 1) The Apprentice is over 200 years old. 2) Men can get stupid around a beautiful woman. Yes, I’m looking at YOU Merlin. 3) Arthur must have had an amazing public relations manager and/or autobiographer because he is nothing like the man of legend.

Merlin “The Diamond of the Day Part 1” 

  Morgana has long carried two obsessions: killing Arthur and discovering the identity of Emerys.   She has long hated Arthur and feels that he stole the throne from her.  For Emerys, she has a particular fear and hatred because a prophesy states that Emerys will be her undoing.  Morgana’s…

Merlin “The Kindness of Strangers” 

There are only a few episodes remaining until we say goodbye to Merlin.  Unfortunately, this means that I have high expectations for the characters. Five years is a big investment in a show, and fans deserve a big payout.  So far, these final episodes are not doing enough to reward…

Merlin “With All My Heart” 

We’ve had to wait a long time for the last handful of Merlin episodes.  When last we saw Guinevere, she was still under the thrall of Morgana’s spell and trying to kill Arthur.  This week, the spell was finally broken, albeit in an unsatisfactory manner.  Gwen did some terrible things…