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Hannibal Preview: “Contorno” 

Warning: Spoilers Ahead We love that we’ve been (perhaps impatiently) waiting to see what happened at the end of Hannibal’s Red Dinner. Coming into the season, we knew at least Will had made it out alive. But what about the others? As the first few episodes of the season progressed,…


Hannibal “Aperitivo” 

Hannibal continued its most stylistic season yet by slowing down and playing catch up in “Aperitivo.” The fates of Will, Abigail, and Jack were revealed in the first three episodes. Episode 4 was dedicated to the other victims of Hannibal: Alana, Dr. Chilton, and Mason Verger.


Hannibal “Secondo” 

Hannibal has been a slow burn thus far this season, but it’s time to up the ante. “Secondo” proved to be another vivid episode, but it also managed to move the plot along by introducing us to a new character. Nice to meet you Chiyo. Please don’t point your gun at…


Hannibal “Primavera” 

Another week, another gorgeous, cerebral episode of Hannibal. “Primavera,” brought us back to the night where Hannibal left everyone fighting for their lives. Instead of finding out what happened to Jack and Alana, this episode took us on Will’s journey since that fateful night.


Hannibal “Antipasto” 

Bonsoir everyone! Welcome back to the world of Hannibal where imagery can often times be more important than the dialogue itself. When we last saw Dr. Lecter, he had hopped on a plane with Bedelia after leaving several lives hanging in the balance, including Will, Alana, Jack, and Abigail. In an intriguing…