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Killjoys Preview: “Enemy Khlyen” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] This is the next-to-last episode of this season, and it works, and feels, like the first hour of a two-parter. That’s not necessarily a bad thing–just set your expectations accordingly. Johnny has fixed the device, so Dutch decides to go have a wander in Khlyen’s brain….

Killjoys Preview: “Come the Rain” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] After last week’s emotionally decimating hour, this week’s Killjoys literally and figuratively splits the team while they figure out exactly what they are now. The good news is that Dutch and D’avin are forced to really talk to each other. The bad news is the result…

Killjoys Preview: “Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Seven episodes into the first season, this is the Killjoys episode that gives shippers what they think they want for a teeny tiny moment before everything is turned on its ear in a massive, emotionally decimating way. We’ll get into that tonight after the episode airs….

Killjoys Preview: “Vessel” 

This week, Killjoys gets into the babymaking business–not like that, pervs–when they are dispatched to the badlands to help rescue a VIP baby surrogate. It’s an outing that turns the concept of damsels in distress slightly on its ear as the women are revealed to be anything but helpless.