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Justified Preview: “Trust” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Episode ten! Too soon! This week on Justified, in an episode hilariously called “Trust,” when there’s none to be found anywhere, there’s enough double-crossing, uncrossing, re-crossing, and on and on that you might need a diagram.

Justified Preview: “Burned” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Avery Markham has to be a smart man for all the power and money he’s acquired, but he seems to fall short when hiring his muscle, as evidenced by the actions of his crew–including an unhinged new arrival named Boon.

Justified “The Hunt” 

It’s weird to see Raylan take a step back in “The Hunt.” He’s been so focused on catching Boyd – the right way – and I think he’s doing a pretty good job of coloring inside the lines, even with the way Rachel’s been riding him in the last few…

Justified Preview: “The Hunt” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] I was just thinking last week that we hadn’t yet followed Raylan home this season, and “The Hunt” rectifies that as he gets a visit from the women in his family. We also pick back up with an injured Ty, and Boyd takes Ava up to…