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The Vampire Diaries “Memorial” 

In the Smallville episode where Clark didn’t actually marry Lois, there was a moment as he walked down the aisle of the church, past his friends and his mom when John Schneider appeared on the other side of Annette O’Toole in the pew and I lost it. There was a…

The Vampire Diaries: One True Pairing 

The waiting is finally over. Tonight we get a new episode of The Vampire Diaries. We actually had fun over the hiatus – you may have read some of our TVD Goodness Thursday articles. We thought one more would be appropriate as a sort of appetizer to tonight’s main dish….

The Vampire Diaries “Homecoming” 

Well done, show! I did not know until about minute 37 or so, plotwise, and the TSC preview, that this was the last episode heading into the hellatus. There were a few foreshadowing things that I saw coming. Katherine wasn’t one of them. And also, kudos that the show didn’t…