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Six Truths about Castle “Pandora” 

Castle gave us a really suspenseful episode with a bit of a cliffhanger. It was enjoyable on all levels. In previous Castle two-parters we’ve gotten great guest star turns from Dana Delany and Adrian Pasdar. Now it’s Jennifer Beals‘ turn. The case is pretty intriguing — and a little bit…

Postscript: The Chicago Code 

Sometimes I just never know what makes a hit show a hit. I thought The Chicago Code had all the necessary ingredients: A great cast. Jennifer Beals has been on my radar since Flashdance but I can’t say I really started paying attention to her again until Lie To Me….

Christmas TV Goodness 

If you don’t partake of Christmas movies, you’re going to need to break out your DVD sets or clear your DVR, because they’re all over cable TV this month. The networks don’t hit it as hard—you can still catch your Snoopy and Shrek—but they’ve handed the movies-of-the-week heavy lifting off…