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Preacher “Sundowner” 

From chainsaws in church to wrecking motel rooms, Preacher returns to stylized violence that is perfectly, albeit weirdly, combined with gore and fun dialogue. “Sundowner” shoves practicality out the window as Preacher finally steps away from shallow storytelling and deep dives into chaos and real dilemmas.


Preacher “Monster Swamp” 

“Monster Swamp” expands on backstory for several of the existing characters we’ve come to like and loathe so far in Preacher. Annville’s problems run deeper than just dysfunctional townspeople; there’s something sinister that seems to bubble up from the ground as well. We first saw evidence of this at the…


Preacher Preview: “Monster Swamp” 

Preacher pulls back in their fourth episode as things finally slow down to allow time for more character development. We get to meet some of the girls from Toadvine Whorehouse, learn that Quincannon is even weirder than we first thought, and get some glimpses into Jesse’s childhood. From the pilot,…


Preacher “The Possibilities” 

In this third episode of Preacher, we’re gifted some insight into the players we’ve already met while even more are introduced that are shrouded in mystery. “The Possibilities” rides out a slow burn, giving its audience time to really sink their teeth into the series. Small moments of levity highlight…