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Zoo Premiere Preview 

Warning: Spoilers Ahead If a TV show has James Wolk and/or Billy Burke in it, it’s safe to assume we’ll be sampling it. Based on James Patterson #1 bestselling novel, Zoo is a global thriller about a wave of violent animal attacks against humans sweeping the planet.

Mid-Season Preview: NBC’s Awake 

Warning: Spoilers discussed If you’re like us, you just couldn’t wait until Thursday to watch the premiere of Awake. Not only have we been hearing about how great the pilot is for at least a month, but we’ll watch ANYTHING Kyle Killen chooses to put on the air. Yes, we…

Premature Infatuation: Georgetown 

Next up in the possible, maybe contenders for fall that have us prematurely infatuated, Georgetown for ABC. Heather’s Take Lord knows that D.C. dramas have been done to death, and the closest cousin to what Georgetown seems to want to be is 2000’s Mark Paul-Gosselaar vehicle, appropriately titled D.C.,  about a…