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The Rig

Previewing Prime Video’s The Rig 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Prime Video’s newest scripted series, The Rig, drops Friday with a drama that’s a mix of straightforward procedural and spooky genre. Set on the Kinloch Bravo, a massive oil rig in the North Sea with a mostly Scottish crew (and filmed in Scotland), the six-parter is…


Cleverman Series Premiere Preview 

This is a familiar story, even if the details are new. We take a group of people who are reviled — in this case the “Hairies,” who look different, speak a different language and have incredible physical strength — in a society that doesn’t know what to do with them….


Game of Thrones “The Door” 

There was a lot of commotion surrounding the latest installment to Game of Thrones’ sixth season, “The Door,” prior to the airing of episode. Some rumors claimed this one was going to especially significant. And although there were some big reveals, I’m not sure if “The Door” lived up to expectation.

Game of Thrones “High Sparrow” 

Like a bad penny, Jorah Mormont shows up when you least expect him. Tyrion warns Varys that he’s losing his mind being cooped up during their travel to Meereen. Volantis seems like a good place to get a breath of fresh air. Even though Tyrion knows the danger, he’s willing to…