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Postscript: Adios, Hellcats 

Tom Welling is going to be pissed. He lost both CW gigs this week. Hellcats, which he was producing alongside his on-and-offscreen Smallville duties, has been cancelled. I get it though. The series started strong last fall, and I was hooked, but when it diverted into what I unaffectionately refer to as “love geometry,”…

The Vampire Diaries “As I Lay Dying” 

Slow isn’t a word I’d generally use to describe The Vampire Diaries, but the season finale seemed almost downright leisurely compared to recent episodes and last year’s nailbiter finish. It could also just be my own viewer fatigue after everything that’s gone on this season, that I couldn’t buy into…

Justified “Bloody Harlan” 

What a quiet, matter-of-fact finale. Mags holds her own until the very end and then makes her bed. Loretta is stopped short from making hers, Raylan has an opportunity for a new life, and Art saves him. Oh, and James Le Gros!