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We Need to Know: What the Hell Happened to Glee? 

Here at TV Goodness we usually only talk about shows we love. Sometimes we get frustrated though, and have to vent. Prepare yourselves. What started out as a delightful, off-beat, wonderful guilty pleasure show – the little show that could called Glee – with endearing underdog characters like Artie (Kevin…

Glee: A Break Down, Couple Style 

Valentine’s Day. What does it mean to you? For some it means happiness, for others it’s heartache. In “Silly Love Songs,” we see some couples going strong, new couples being matched, and old couples questioning if they should be together or apart.

Halloween TV Preview Part 1 

There’s one week until Halloween and primetime television just loves to celebrate this spook-tacular holiday. This year is no different. I’ve highlighted some of the shows featuring a bunch of scares or Halloween-themed story lines. Let the creep-fest begin.

Glee “Duets” 

I’m so proud of our little Rachel. She doesn’t have much practice being selfless (although as Finn so smartly points out she’s still being kinda selfish – he’s incredibly perceptive sometimes for being so dumb), but she’s trying. She knows that if they have any chance of hanging on to…