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Revenge “Burn” 

Revenge is either wrapping it all up or creating the next chapter. Will Amanda Clarke finally have her “normal” life that she has worked for? Personally, I really don’t think it’s possible for her to have a normal life. Will any of these characters ever be able to live a…


Revenge “Clarity” 

Last week Margaux lied and told Victoria that Emily pushed her in front of that taxi. This week, Victoria is probably going to try to get back at her sworn enemy, right? How will Emily deal with everything? With as much drama as possible, of course. Here’s what we know:…


Revenge “Loss” 

  We knew this episode would have more “Poor Jack” moments. But mama bear Stevie has come to town to rescue her boy! Poor Emily doesn’t know what to do since all of her friends keep getting the short end of the stick. Here’s what we know:

Revenge “Payback” 

  After a long wait, Revenge is back and there is so much going on. I guess we have to break it down: -Well to refresh our memories…(Haha…I make myself chuckle. Who uses the word chuckle?) Emily started having blackouts so she went to the doctor and had some tests…

Postscript: Adios, Hellcats 

Tom Welling is going to be pissed. He lost both CW gigs this week. Hellcats, which he was producing alongside his on-and-offscreen Smallville duties, has been cancelled. I get it though. The series started strong last fall, and I was hooked, but when it diverted into what I unaffectionately refer to as “love geometry,”…