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Face Off Preview: “Royal Flush” 

Warning: Spoilers Ahead Anytime the name Tim Burton is mentioned, our ears perk up and we know we’re about to see some strange, weird and wonderful creations when he’s involved. We’re excited about every spotlight challenge, but this week we’re really expecting big things.

Face Off Preview: “Monkey Business” 

Warning: Spoilers Ahead We have to be honest: We’re not entirely on board with this coaches twist yet. When we heard past winners would be back as mentors, we loved that idea. We didn’t realize they’d spilt this year’s contestants into teams and have them work under these former champions…

Face Off “Flights of Fantasy” 

This week was the perfect opportunity for Miranda, Roy, Tate and Laura to show the judges just how much they want to be in the finale. For the most part, I think they all rose to the occasion. Any challenge where the artists have to incorporate feathers seems like a…