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The X-Files Preview: “Plus One” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] The X-Files continues its fun nods to the OG run with guest star Karin Konoval, who was the horrifying Mother Peacock in the Season 4 episode, “Home.”  Here, she plays Chuck and Judy, a pair of twins whose connection to each other has particularly deadly implications.


The X-Files Will Return For Season 11 

ALL THE YESSSS. Ahem. FOX announced late this afternoon that The X-Files is going back into production this summer (hopefully in Vancouver) on Season 11, which will give us ten new episodes of the series, set to air sometime between now and May 2018. Essentially, we have reaped the rewards of…

The X-Files Preview: “My Struggle II” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] The X-Files concludes its six-week run Monday night with a bookend to the premiere with “My Struggle II.” I’m so not ready for them to be done, so I’m going into this with the full expectation THERE WILL BE MORE EPISODES. Unfortunately, a screener was not made…

The X-Files “Babylon” 

  [Warning: Spoilers for “Babylon.”] When this episode went into production last summer, there was chatter that they might be setting up a spinoff. I really, really, genuinely hope that chatter ends where it began, because while Miller and Einstein were fine, and I liked Amell tremendously in this role,…