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Make It Work: ANTM “Sonia Dara” 

Enough. So what if ANTM‘s Cycle 16 isn’t as good at Cycle 15? I am going to borrow a very popular catchphrase from another fashion/model reality show. I’m gonna make it work. I can still have fun with this show by being a little creative, by thinking outside the box….

It Was So Good To See You (Week of March 7th) 

The guest stars this past week on some of my favorite TV shows were, once again, included some familiar faces especially to those who enjoy sci-fi programming and a certain show about escaping from a prison. First, there was actor Christopher Jacot, who appeared in the season finale of White…

Soap Love Notes: Nikita, NCIS, Supernatural 

Soap Love Notes is a new feature that spotlights current and former daytime soap stars appearing in primetime. Nikita Rewind: “Free” Imagine my surprise when I started watching the January 27th episode of Nikita and spotted Thad Luckinbill playing Alex’s neighbor, Nathan. I love this casting because this is a…