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Once Upon a Time “Her Handsome Hero” 

Hope makes flowers grow in the Underworld. Who knew? Naturally, Hades doesn’t like things that grow, so we can expect bad things to happen to our heroes. Emma wakes from a dream to realize that she knows how to remove their names from the gravestones, and if their names are…


Once Upon a Time “Swan Song” 

With the ongoing struggle against the darkness nearing its end, this episode promises to be a significant one. With memories returned and Emma’s plan revealed, she has become the protagonist once again and Hook is the force to fight against. But not just Hook anymore, now it’s every Dark One…


Once Upon a Time “Mother” 

Regina finally comes in to her own this week as we see her face off against both her mother and her sister while (mostly) keeping her cool. Her relationship with her mother has always been difficult, not surprising considering that Cora locked her heart away before Regina was even born….

Once Upon a Time “Heroes and Villains” 

The Snow Queen is gone, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff are headed back to Arendelle and all seems well in Storybrooke. But every good story needs a villain, so we are introduced to the next three troublemakers to enter the scene: Maleficent, the sorceress who tormented Sleeping Beauty, Ursula the Little…