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The Essex Serpent

Previewing The Essex Serpent 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] I’ve written before about how there was a void in my TV schedule when Penny Dreadful ended, which was briefly filled by FX’s Taboo. I do love a genre show that’s steeped in the past, and most recently, The Alienist was a scratch for that itch….


PaleyFest LA 2015: Showtime’s Homeland 

WARNING: Spoilers for Homeland Forget the Oscars. From March 6 – 15, the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood is throwing the spotlight on television instead of movies. Last night, Showtime’s Homeland made its PaleyFest debut as it opened the 32nd annual festival that honors some of the most acclaimed series on TV…

Catching up on Homeland 

I just watched the last three episodes (“Crossfire,” “Representative Brody,” and “The Vest”). Wow. What can I say about Homeland that you don’t already know? The cast: impressive. The acting: nuanced and powerful. The story: satisfyingly complex. The tone: serious with moments of humor, shock, sympathy, and surprise. If you haven’t…

Fall TV Preview: Showtime’s Homeland 

Warning: Slight spoilers discussed I’ve now seen the Homeland pilot twice and I’m happy to report it’s just as good the second time. If you like tense, political thrillers this show is for you. If you like family drama, this show is for you. If you like twisty, intricate plotting…