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The Vampire Diaries “1912” 

Holy cats, y’all. This was a bit of a snooze return from a four-week break UNTIL THE LAST FREAKING TWO MINUTES. And I gotta say, it would have had a hell of a lot more punch if we didn’t already know Matt Davis might have another job.

Smallville “Kent” 

Finally, we’re back and ladies and gentlemen, this is the beginning of the end (I hate myself right now for using one of the most overused movie poster taglines of all time). In this week’s episode aptly titled “Kent,” Clark and his alternate universe self wife-swap into each other’s world….

Smallville “Fortune” 

We all knew it was coming. This week’s episode of The Hangover Smallville showed us what our favorite characters Alan, Stu, Phil, and Doug Clark, Chloe, Lois, Oliver, Tess, and Emile look like when they are piss drunk off of a little bottle of champagne from Zatanna. I hear Mel…

Smallville “Luthor” 

The big, bad, evil Luthor is back!  No, no, not Lex…LIONEL!  This week brought us the return of the always wonderful John Glover as the father from hell in an alternate reality episode of Smallville.  This week saw some incredible acting performances, a solid storyline, and a few surprises that…

Smallville “Ambush” 

Thanksgiving came a little early this year in Smallville as this 7th episode of the season featured the return of General Lane and Lucy Lane, plus a whole lot of other craziness. While not the best episode of the season so far, it had its moments and overall was a solid…