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The Vampire Diaries “The Sacrifice” 

We’re almost halfway through this season already. Boooo! It was Die Hard: Mystic Falls/Richmond on the CW Thursday as almost everyone’s fatalistic tendencies moved front and center. No Mama Forbes, but pretty much the rest of the cast got to play. We get the previouslies that catch us up on the moonstone and…

The Vampire Diaries “Katerina” 

“Katerina” celebrated “Take Nina Dobrev to Work Day,” as she handled about more than half of the screen time (much of it talking to herself) all on her own. First, who sat out this episode: Alaric (except in previews), Tyler, Jenna, Matt, and Liz.

The Vampire Diaries “Kill or Be Killed” 

OK, y’all. Apologies for being tardy, but there was A LOT to process this week. I’m going to review it a little bit differently, because while the scene-by-scene is awesome, it was the little OMG moments that made this episode amazing. Please forgive me if you were looking for specific…