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Hannibal “Aperitivo” 

Hannibal continued its most stylistic season yet by slowing down and playing catch up in “Aperitivo.” The fates of Will, Abigail, and Jack were revealed in the first three episodes. Episode 4 was dedicated to the other victims of Hannibal: Alana, Dr. Chilton, and Mason Verger.

Z Nation “Philly Feast” 

Steaks anyone? Ugh. Steaks were the theme in last night’s episode, not only among the survivors in Garnett’s (Tom Everett Scott) group but also with Citizen Z (DJ Qualls) at the North Pole. And all I can say is I won’t be eating filet mignon, rib eye, or any other…

Hannibal “No Ko Mono” 

First, a big congratulations to Bryan Fuller, David Slade and all the cast of Hannibal on the news of a Season 3. On the heels of the renewal announcement comes perhaps the best episode of the entire season. Not only did we get a peek at Will (Hugh Dancy) and…