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Bitten Preview: “Bad Dreams” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Programming note: Bitten has moved back two hours and will now air at 11/10c Fridays for the rest of the season. Tonight, we have the calm between storms, if you will. With sneaky Aleister still in play, the Pack has a false sense of security when…

Bitten Preview: “Nine Circles” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] In tonight’s new episode of Bitten, the Pack finally gets the upper hand (or do they…?) with a couple of road trips. Also look for the back story on Aleister’s birth, and a very interesting chat between Clay and Paige.

Bitten Preview: “Rabbit Hole” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] This is the Bitten episode that I think Laura Vandervoort was referencing when she said it was like a mini horror movie, because there’s beaucoup bloodletting. Elena is still battling Aleister and trying to protect Savannah while back home, Nick and Paige work (and play) together.

Bitten Preview: “Dead Meat” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Bitten‘s second season rolls along Friday night as we get a better glimpse of exactly what kind of threat Aleister is, and what he’s up to inside his compound of crazy, where Elena is his latest unwilling guest. Back at Stonehaven, we find out what the…

Bitten Preview: “Hell’s Teeth” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] After a bang-up two-hour opener last week, the Pack ended the episodes learning that for all their trouble to bring Malcolm in, they’d lost him again. In tonight’s new episode, we get a better picture of the witches and their interest in Malcolm.