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Warrior Nun

Previewing Warrior Nun 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Around here, we’re avid fans of Continuum, which means we’re loyal to all the parties involved. We followed its creator, Simon Barry, to Van Helsing and Ghost Wars, and this Thursday, his latest series, Warrior Nun, based on the Warrior Nun Areala manga series by Ben…

Saying Goodbye to Eureka 

When a show ends after a long run, I sometimes like to look back at what was on the air when it started to see what the thing was that it was so different from that the network gave it a shot. Eureka debuted six years ago today, on July…

Eureka Will Get a Finale 

In a little bit of awesomeness, producers Jaime Paglia and Amy Berg, and the Eureka Writers Tweeted, and Deadline confirmed, that Syfy is giving Eureka one additional episode so they can do a proper finale to wrap the series. They’re writing it now (no pressure!) and will shoot it before they wrap in…

Cancellation Watch: Eureka, With a Catch 

On the heels of a successful Comic-Con appearance last month, Syfy confirmed a short 6-episode sixth season of Eureka. Yay! Late last night, they changed their mind, cancelling the show when it completes shooting its fifth season, which is filming now in Vancouver. Boo!