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Nikita “Sanctuary” 

I’m so happy this highly dysfunctional family is back together again. And there are plenty of issues, but at least they’re a united front. It’s nice to see Birkhoff back in action although he’s abusing his body by eating badly and drinking crap. Alex and Nikita have an emotional (and…

Nikita “Clawback” 

It’s been a week since I watched “Clawback” and part of me is still in awe. It is hands down the best hour of Nikita ever produced. The only minor quibbles I have are that I would’ve loved to see Birkhoff and a little Percy never hurts.

It Was So Good To See You (Week of May 8th) 

As May sweeps progress and more finales air, more familiar faces are popping up. First, we start off with the very awesome Mark Pellegrino  who showed up on the A&E series Breakout Kings on May 8, playing a dangerous escaped convict who hunted down college students involved in the rape…